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Ilana Jankowitz
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  • Do you feel powerless when it comes to spending – going out for milk and coming back with a new dress?
  • Or do you feel unworthy of spending money on yourself and instead always put everyone else’s needs before your own?
  • Or perhaps there never seems to be enough money to go around and you believe it’s impossible to get out of debt

On an almost daily basis I meet women, just like you, who have so much to offer, and yet they're still struggling with their relationship with money.

Believe me, I understand the challenges that you're facing. Over the years I’ve come up against so many of my own deep rooted stories and blocks too.

What I recognise now though, is that there’s a consistent thread that runs deeply through all of the women I work with, no matter what their background or current situation.

That consistent thread is a lack of self-worth!

In your life, believing that you’re not worthy can manifest in so many different ways…
  • Not finishing what you start
  • Feeling uncomfortable asking for or talking about money
  • Not asking for a fair price for your time
  • A lack of energy to do what it takes to drive your life forward
  • Feeling so scared that you can’t even take the first step with bringing your brilliance into the world.

That’s why I’ve created this course. I want to show you what’s possible and that you really can break through the negative beliefs that are holding you back from greatness.



It breaks my heart seeing so many amazing, talented women holding themselves back because they believe the stories they’re telling themselves that they’re not enough.

But sometimes all you need is for someone to take your hand and help you take the first steps, and that’s what I’m here to do. Over the course of 4 brilliantly crafted workbooks, I’ll show you how to…

  • Overcome fear
  • Feel successful in your life
  • Say goodbye to debt for good
  • Do things you never believed possible

It's time to move from ‘Impossible’ to ‘I’m Possible!’

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In these 4 modules you'll receive...

Workbook 1: I AM More than Enough

Have you ever noticed how people frame things with negativity and downplay the positive? What we say to ourselves can be just as negative. Be aware of your self-talk.

Workbook 2: I AM Confident

Confidence is about showing up for yourself – all the way. No more hiding, no more waiting, and no more putting it off until someday later. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one – your time is NOW!

Workbook 3: I AM Deserving

The most important three words you can say to yourself are “I am enough”. The truth is words shape our reality. If you choose different words, you get a different reality.

Workbook 4: I AM Ready to be Seen

Life is not about side-lining yourself or postponing your happiness until later. It’s time to take one small step every day towards being seen and heard. The world is waiting for you!

BONUS workbook: Style Confidence

Personal stylist, Monika Mueller from Signature Five, is my very own styling angel. And she’s created you a very special bonus workbook that’s guaranteed to have you looking at your style in a whole new way!

BONUS Masterclass: Your Chance to Ask Ilana

Once you’ve completed the four workbooks, you’ll have access to a live masterclass session with yours truly! You’ll have the opportunity to share your aha-moments and have your questions answered.

Is this course just for business owners?

No not at all! This course is for you whether you're a college student, a full time mum, an employee or a high-flying business owner. The journey of discovering who you really are is a journey for us all.

Once you’ve completed all of the workbooks, you’ll walk away feeling much more confident in yourself and your life. Your self-esteem will be heightened, and you’ll have tools that will help you to overcome procrastination and take action!


Ilana showed me how to have a better life by understanding my relationship with money.


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Going through Ilana’s coaching program changed my whole foundation and mindset about money and that I was capable of charging my worth as well as being worthy of it.


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The biggest change has been my confidence levels.


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I was holding myself back… my business wasn’t growing… within a month I had managed to unblock the barriers.. and generate more income and more sales.


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…Helping me to see clearly what I wanted to do … and move me forward.


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The money I invested in myself with Ilana was the best money I’ve ever spent.


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About Ilana...

Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner. She’s the founder of Mindful Money Coaching and helps women unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype. By understanding their money stories, Ilana helps her clients change their money behaviours. Ilana believes we don’t have work or business problems, but personal money issues that show up in these areas of our lives. Her work is fascinating and really needed by a lot of women who are ready to get themselves out into the world in big ways.