Ilana Jankowitz

Certified money coach (CMC)


I AM JOURNEY - Unlocking the confidence you deserve

CHF 49

Ilana Jankowitz

Step into your greatness

In this course you’ll gain knowledge and understanding that will help you break free from the negative thoughts and stories which hold you back.

This power-packed course comprises four modules (plus a bonus module)…

I am more than enough

I am confident

I am deserving

I am ready to be seen

They build onto each other and enable you to make the transition to a more confident you – someone who’s deserving and ready to be seen.

If you’re not sure you have what it takes to really succeed in life, or even whether you deserve to succeed, then this course is the perfect choice for you. Enrol now and discover how to build your self-esteem, confidence and transform your reality.

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1. Improve

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2. Build

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3. Believe you're deserving

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4. Be seen

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In the I AM course…

The I AM journey is made up of four parts, with each part building on the next.

We begin at the beginning with low self-esteem, “I AM More Than Enough workbook” (1) which, when healed, moves you forward to…
Creating a higher level of confidence, “I AM Confident workbook” (2). A heightened level of confidence naturally brings with it a sense of knowing that…

You are deserving of greatness, “I AM Deserving workbook” (3). Great self-esteem, confidence, and belief that you deserve everything you desire frees you so you can…

Be seen for who you are and the gifts you have to share, “I AM Ready to be Seen workbook” (4)

And then, with all four pieces in place, the money in your life and business is unlocked and begins to flow.