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Fee O’Shea

Your help to me has been, not only so valuable for my progression, but inspiring and has really lifted my spirits out of the doldrums I have been in. You picked up on my personality and my needs so quickly and offered practical advice that has resonated. But not only has the advice be wonderful, you are an absolute delight and I’m blessed that you have come into my life at such a critical point. Thanks

Wendy Castano Vega

I would recommend that anyone who is stuck to get in contact with Ilana, her intuition, abundant ideas, and care will guide you through the fear and the pain and you will find you are better equipped to make decisions that you thought you were, you just needed the right teacher, friend, and coach. Ilana is all of that and I’m so honored to have shared with her.

Nicola Claassens

Dear Ilana as I sit here reflecting on the year I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the care and love you poured into my life in a time of such uncertainty and difficulty. Thank you for going above and beyond and giving me your time and passion. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. May all you gave me to return 10 fold ❤️

Genevieve Richard

Thanks. You gave me the shove I needed to get out of the rut and aim higher than I ever thought I can. I am even coping and doing well with the maths. Which has surprised me the most. I’m in such a different space to the person who you met last year. I’m happy, my finances are slowly resolving themselves, and I’m going to be earning, saving and paying off my debts soon. Which feels great.

Eva Sol Art

Thanks Ilana for the wonderful workshop you offered last week. You definitely nourished my roots of my money behaviour with your explanation of the different money archetypes.  It’s one thing to learn how to make money but another thing to know how to get it to stay in my life. I am so happy you shared your ideas, how you managed the seminar to get the most from it and how to convert it into investments that not only protect my earned income but also expand. As a visual artist especially the idea to do a personal vision board about what financial freedom means to me and how to achieve it at the end of your workshop inspired me to focus more about my money flow patterns in the future. Thanks so much.

Ludmila Mitula

It was an excellent workshop! I learned a lot about myself. Money touches everything in our life. When there is any money issue we stuck, cannot move on”

I absolutely adore working with the vision boards… I did my first vision board during the workshop with Ilana and… I discovered that I’m very creative, artistic and that I need more structures, boundaries in my life.  My new piece of art is hanging in my bedroom already. And because it’s pink and blue, it goes well with the view from the window! And love to sit at my desk because of my vision board


Before working with Ilana I felt anxious, stressed and overwhelmed around money. Budgeting was a struggle, and it was hard to pay my bills but I was too proud to ask for help! I was creating debt and struggling to get out of it.

My upbringing had me believe you must work hard for money, and there’s never enough to cover everything. I thought money would be taken away from me and, as long as I had it, I had to spend it. That’s why I never learnt about saving.

Now I’m more secure, motivated and empowered with my finances and conscious about my spending, and have no worries talking to my partner about money and how we spend it. Seeing my money grow by saving and budgeting is now pretty fun!

I’d recommend this coaching to anyone feeling stuck with spending habits, anxious or helpless with budgeting, or wanting to make changes for the better and learn why they’re spending the way they are.

Ilana is amazing at analyzing your situation and confronting you with money habits you couldn’t even think of, digging deep into your subconscious to find reasons for them. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, and in times of great anxiety, always made time to be there for me as a coach and friend.


Hi, I’m Ronit. I’m a jewelry designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. My business is Rz Jewelry Design and I create unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

Before I began working with Ilana, I felt really stuck with money, and dealing with it was very emotional for me. I knew I had some blocks that were holding me back, and I wanted clarity on them. I also hoped Ilana would be able to give me some tips on marketing and how to get my business out in the world in a more focused and powerful way.

During my time coaching with Ilana I was overwhelmed with the love and care she brought into my life, during what was, in fact, a very difficult time for me. She really took her time to show and explain to me why I was stuck, not only with money, but also in my life. This was so much more than just money coaching – Ilana taught me the importance of how to defend and love myself too.

Ilana went above and beyond with her desire to help, and connected me with other people of interest that could help me with my business. I’d highly recommend working with Ilana to anyone who is starting a new business and is struggling with money issues.

I’ve come out the other side of our coaching together having learned a lot about myself. I understand now what my strongest attributes are, and how to be far less emotional about money.

Thank you Ilana, I’m so grateful for all you’ve done to support me.

Cat D

Before working with Ilana I felt discouraged about money and didn’t know why. I felt lost and trapped by overwhelm and feelings of oppression from rules and regulations that seemed out of my control.

I’d reached a point in my life where my career no longer seemed to be serving me or filling me with bliss. I knew I had the opportunity for more potential financially and spiritually but was struggling with limiting beliefs, and the need for others to affirm the changes I wanted to make were ok.

After coaching with Ilana I feel liberated and more aligned and in flow with money and life. I feel freer and unshackled from other people’s ideas and laws. I’m now excited to embark on new paths and adventures without feeling guilty for wanting to do so. It’s also liberating to realise that it’s not winter that I detest, but the work I do during that season. Now I can choose to enjoy it or escape to somewhere warmer for a spell.

I’d highly recommend coaching with Ilana if you’re someone who’s questioning why you and/or your money feels stuck. Ilana expertly guides you through exercises to uncover deep rooted answers relating to your childhood and other influences.

Ilana is just so pleasant to talk to. I always looked forward to our chats because of her lightness and wiser perspective.

Andaleeb Lilley

Before working with Ilana, I hadn’t really looked at my finances in detail following my divorce. Doing the work and going through the worksheets and exercises helped me discover why I relate to money the way I do. Supported by Ilana, I knew I could change some of my perceptions around money.

I took a good look at my financial situation and could see where I was doing well and what I needed to look at and adjust. I really enjoyed discovering and learning about my money archetypes. Ilana also helped me with some business coaching and how I could continue to grow my business. The biggest breakthrough was stopping giving my siblings money when they asked for it. I realised that just because we’re related and my parents aren’t around, this doesn’t mean I have to pick up the slack and play the mother role and help out all the time. It was not easy to break the behaviour as I’ve spent years doing it, but I have and am so pleased!

I’m more motivated to save now (which of course also means watching what I spend!), and my relationship around money has become more fun. One of my mantras has always been “I will always have enough money to do all the things I want to do” and this has only been reinforced. Ilana is also great at connecting you with other businesses for collaboration and networking. The weekly calls are an added bonus and a lovely way to connect and set goals for the week. Thank you Ilana!

Ambila Nath

I was open and excited when I made the decision to take on money coaching with Ilana. I’d been struggling with not making much money in my business, and it wasn’t due to a lack of skills and knowledge – there was something deeper going on. As a coach I knew I needed to work on my mindset and understand what was stopping me, but I wasn’t finding the answers by myself.

Working with Ilana has moved me to a place where I can now officially, proudly and 100% undoubtedly say I’m a businesswoman! My money has increased by 100% and I only finished 2-weeks ago, and I’m making it doing all the things I love. Ilana opened up the side of me that others have told me to contain, and I feel amazing and powerful. She helped me see how I can use all my skills and knowledge to keep welcoming abundance in and only refuse it if I chose to.

I recommend Ilana to everyone I meet! Working with her isn’t just about the academic and practical parts that are associated with coaching, in Ilana you also have a friend. Someone who is cheering you on, recommending you, helping you to build your network and helping you with collaborations – it you want them. Ilana knows her stuff and understands the different avenues to help you make money, and that only comes from someone who has been thorough the journey themselves.


Like everyone else, I struggle with deciding what I want in life, where to start, what I desire, and what my objectives are. Until Ilana offered me the opportunity to enrol in her online Mindful Money Coaching course.

I must say that the modules she used had a positive impact on my mentality. Knowing my true identity, the source of my financial history, and my financial actions were only a few of the major factors that influenced my decisions.

These qualities helped me in establishing my Virtual Assistant business. I learned about my own worth, goals, and the importance of dreaming bigand believing in myself. I was terrified of failing because I was frightened to dream big, take risks, and fail, but Ilana convinced me otherwise!

Now, I’m training two virtual assistants to help me, and I’m optimistic that with all of the necessary elements in place, my business can survive and expand into an agency someday.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn. Based on my experience, it is worthwhile to invest in becoming a better version of yourself. Ilana is more than just a coach; she is a genuine person who wants you to succeed. I’m sure something in you will change after taking her course.

Karon Weeks

Thank you, Ilana. You’ve helped me so much with reconnecting with myself and my relationship with money. The journey you took me on was so inspiring. I’ve remembered who I want to be, and I learnt gratitude. There’s a saying: “To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven”. Ilana, you showed me how to touch Heaven. Thank you again so very much.

Working with Ilana helped me reconnect with myself again. Her Money Magicians group has allowed me to build confidence, self-esteem and for the first time in so long my real personality has been allowed to radiate like sun rays.

I knew I had to do the work with Ilana first to discover my blockages before I could join the group, after all, if I came with negative mistrust how could the group help me. Even worse it would have brought that negative energy to the members.

This group is like having a family who supports you, encourages you and helps you build up your worth. And most importantly you’re accepted as you. But I had to rediscover me first. When I first joined, I was shy, scared, nervous and never wanted to talk or give my point of view. Now I talk all the time (sometimes I don’t shut up!). I give talks to the members about spirituality because they all make me feel safe to do so. I shine and feel really accepted for who I am.

Thank you, Ilana, and thank you everyone in the group.

Elke Jamil

A big shout out to Ilana Jankowitz from Mindful Money Coaching. Ilana helped me change my mindset and relationship with money to such an extent that, not even halfway through my program with her, I’ve had 2 job offers and am starting my own business. I never thought I had the confidence and savvy. Ilana is just amazing and I can happily recommend her to anyone! Thanks Ilana, for being amazing!!

Borit Karlsson

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I took the jump and joined Ilana´s guided Mindful Money group! This group and Ilana´s firm, compassionate and loving guidance was exactly what I needed to finally break through a lifelong resistance to face my relationship to money.

Ilana dares to go deep, to take you on a journey where you actually learn to understand how your money story is formed very early, to see the patterns that hold you back and how you can free yourself. And she is there to support you all along – always checking in on you, encouraging you, rejoicing with you, gently giving you a push when needed. She is simply the best guide you can have!

And our group – such an amazing group of women! We very quickly got really close to each other, shared our stories, supported each other. If you feel stuck, that there is more for you in life but you don’t know how to reach it – don’t hesitate to join Ilana´s Mindful Money guided group! And remember, it’s never too late – I turned sixty this year