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Do you have
a healthy relationship with money?

Ilana Jankowitz
  • Does it feel like money’s on your mind all the time?
  • Are you tired of feeling like there’s always more month than money?
  • Do you feel stressed, worried or anxious, and find yourself scratching your head not really knowing where your money goes?

So many of us feel like our relationship with money isn’t where we want it to be…

  • We don’t respect it
  • We try to hide it from people or use it as a form of power over them
    And then there’s the risk takers who put it all on the line without forward thinking
  • Or those that see it as a cure-all for personal issues and to soothe fears
  • And some are simply waiting for a miracle that will rescue them from their financial woes

And, I’m guessing as you’re here, there are things you’d like to change about your money story?

woman with money

Welcome! you’re in great hands!

Having a healthy relationship
with money will allow you to:

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Manage your money more effectively
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Make better financial decisions
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Realise money isn’t the answer to your problems
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Be confident with money

A harmonious and empowering money relationship is waiting for you!
Your first step is to take my Money Quiz.

This eye-opening quiz (based on the intriguing work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung) will help you understand the 8 Money Archetypes that currently have you moving to their tune.

After completing the quiz, if you’d like to start moving to your own money beat, book a complementary 30-minute Discovery Call with me, where we’ll dive deeper into your results and get you set up with some actions you can take immediately to start moving your money dial.

Healing your money story

Every woman I work with has a money story and each one is unique. And whenever I receive testimonials from them sharing their transformations, they touch my heart and I feel deeply grateful.

There’s so much power in hearing directly from women who have walked the path before you.

So here’s a selection of testimonials that I hope will support and help you to understand more about the transformative nature of money coaching and the benefits of working with me.

Ry SparkRy Spark
19:07 18 Apr 24
My wife recently completed Ilana's 9 week program and I have seen big changes in her attitude and knowledge around handling money. Possibly for the first time she is really on top of "where it all goes". As a family our conversations have shifted... we no longer talk about stuff we should buy but more experiences we should have together and what we should invest in. Money is no longer considered an obstacle, but more of a tool that can be harnessed to help fulfil our dreams. It's fair to say that we as a couple, and us as a whole family, have really benefited.
Abigail JankowitzAbigail Jankowitz
09:31 12 Apr 24
The money coaching course was incredibly eye opening for me. As someone who does a lot of self reflection, I went into the course already aware of which areas in my life needed improving. However, I wasn't taking the time to implement the necessary changes. I like to explain my transformational journey with money coaching as a puzzle that's got all of it's pieces picture-facing up, on a coffee table but not yet assembled. I knew the strategies of starting with the puzzle boarders first and then grouping similar colours together. However, it's not until the puzzle is built that you see the big picture. This is what money coaching was for me, I knew what needed fixing, in some situations I also knew what I need to do in order to fix it, I just wasn't motivated enough to do it. Money coaching helped me gain such clarity of my life's bigger picture, how to take control of my of my finances and my financial freedom.
Theri KayTheri Kay
16:54 11 Apr 24
I absolutely love Ilana and the service she provides is desperately needed by all women. After taking her course I understood a lot about myself and my behaviours and habits, which may have led me to uncomfortable situations. A year after I took her course I became debt free by paying off the final chunk of my student loan. Off to a new start!
Annelie SmitAnnelie Smit
13:32 17 Mar 24
Ilana assisted me in understanding how the architypes dominant in my money and relationships played out. I had to break some self sabotaging habits that I didn't even realize I had. During the 9 week course I sold an apartment for client at full asking price. I had no calls from buyers for 5 weeks before then. Suddenly I had 2 buyers submitting offers at full asking! My personal apartment was on the market. Although it was a stunning apartment no viewers wanted to submit an offer. They all said it was too expensive. Week 4 I had two cash offers one for above asking price! I did nothing different only contin. to work on releasing my self sabotaging architypes. By the end of week 9 I was clear about the value I had to offer the world. Something I felt vey unsure about in the past. This program helped me make the final changes I needed to make to build and hold the vision for my financial and relationship future. I highly recommend this course to everyone!
Cécile BaumannCécile Baumann
10:31 12 Mar 24
Thanks to Ilana's Mindful Money Program, I've become incredibly conscious of my relationship with money and the patterns I've developed over the years, especially from my upbringing. Ilana's holistic approach and insightful questions were instrumental in helping me overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a healthier money mindset. Her support and guidance have been invaluable in creating a life I truly love. I highly recommend Ilana to anyone looking to transform their relationship with money and find greater fulfillment.
Mags WyrzykowskaMags Wyrzykowska
09:23 12 Mar 24
It was an in-depth journey of self-discovery and improvement. I wanted to up my game in my business, take control of my finances in my private life - and I didnt realise just how much that was connected with inner-work. Ilana’s course allowed me to take the time each week and work through any blocks, self doubts and limiting beliefs. It gave me time to focus and really explore the things that were holding me back. I used to not love looking into my finances - now I have it as a weekly & monthly ritual - and I consciously decide where my money is going. I feel more empowered when it comes to my financial goals and I have learnt to just let certain things go, and focus on what is bringing me closer to my goals. Thank you Ilana for the journey - and reminding me that life is abundant, full of what we focus and concentrate on, and the energy we give, we will get back! Highly recommend taking Ilana’s course!
Jolene HannJolene Hann
07:18 14 Feb 24
Before working with ILana I was kind of lost, bumbling along... not daring to hope but just to survive the day. Since I started working with ILana I put into practice the guidance provided to me and I have already see the energy in my life change from stagnant to flow. I am lighter and brighter, I even managed to brighten my wardrobe without having to spend a cent! It all just manifested so easily and flowed into my life without having to ask for a single thing. Working with ILana has changed me and my outlook on life. It's principles that is communicated to us daily but without ILana's prompting and helping through the difficult parts that I just didn't want to face... I would not have done it... for this I am truly grateful and honored to have worked with such an amazing, brave and compassionate soul. ILana... my soul honors your soul for your contribution to my path 🙏❤️
Alisia GrenvilleAlisia Grenville
12:07 12 Feb 24
I wrote an SOS message last December 2023 to Ilana which has proven to be one of the best choices I have made in my life in a long while. After just a few sessions, I have repositioned my personal navigation needle about money and have been able to tap into and reset my relation with money which in even the short time has reset my relationship with my husband. Thank you Ilana for awaking my soul, linking mindfulness to money, and reminding me that only I have the power to transform. 🌸🌸
Irene HostettlerIrene Hostettler
13:54 25 Jan 24
Taking Ilana’s money coaching course was an eye opener for me. I learned why we have a certain mindset and behaviour about money due to our experiences of the past. I took this course when I was in the situation of not knowing where my money went.Booking the VIP course had the advantage of having Ilana’s time just for myself which allowed us to go in-depth into my money mindset. Working through Ilana’s workbook and our 1:1 coaching sessions has given me so much clarity about who I am and how I define myself as a person!I was able to change my mindset so much that I am now conscious of where my money goes, I’m keeping track of my spending and I know how much money I have. Ilana’s approach is simple and still in-depth, she helped me regain confidence in myself and in who I am!
Carolyn BalogunCarolyn Balogun
17:08 03 Jan 24
One of the reasons that I chose Ilana as my Money Coach was that I wanted to deal with the emotional unconscious side of my spending. You can meet anyone and they can help you do a budget, which you can stick to or not stick to, but what I found after doing Ilana’s course is that subliminally I’ve now changed the way that I use and treat money and use money so for example I would buy on impulse things all the time because I felt I needed them I felt I wanted them and they’re not very often they would end up just been given away or not used an I am left just wondering why I even made that purchase. It was obviously to deal with some sort of Emotional need inside of me but now without even thinking about it, I find that I’m purchasing what I want when I need it and exactly what I want so the spending is a lot more conscious and it’s a lot more satisfying
Esther Gaitán FuertesEsther Gaitán Fuertes
18:49 23 Dec 23
Ilana has created a wonderful community of women who want to change their money mindset and manage their finances successfully. Both our weekly group calls and the one-on-one calls were full of insights. Her programme is very hands-on and working through all the workbooks was an amazing learning experience.
Gisela AndradeGisela Andrade
11:06 13 Dec 23
I did Ilana's course on money coaching! It helped lose the fear of money and finance and take charge of my financial goals! it also helped me understand my relationship with money and how i can improve it and use to my advantage! plus, the fantastic network that resulted from the experience is absolutely priceless!
S. L.S. L.
09:23 12 Dec 23
I have done Ilana's Mindful Money group coaching programme a few months ago and although I was rather doubtful at the start, I have found that Ilana is like a caring friend with coaching superpowers. It has ended up being a rich and wonderful experience.She does care deeply about the women she takes onto her programme. She wants to see you succeed but mostly, grow and evolve so you can develop into the woman you choose to become. Her course is fully packed with incredibly eye-opening exercises which lead to deep introspection, real understanding and multiple aha-moments. Thanks to the self knowledge you progressively acquire through the programme, you grow your ability to make real choices and not mere decisions based on old unwanted habits.With Illana's programme, you can certainly create or improve healthy money habits such as setting realistic and achievable financial goals, create an efficient monthly budget and ways to stick to it, but Ilana's programme is really designed to go much deeper.Before starting the programme, I saw on Ilana's website welcome page, a photo of Ilana standing next to a little tree. At the end of the programme, what I was now seeing in that same image, was that Ilana was standing next to a special tree, which had rich precious roots and could as a result, bear rich and precious fruits. That sums up exactly her approach to money coaching! The deeper the work done within, the easier it becomes to create the wealth in money and relationships we want in our lives.I do recommend Ilana's programme having highly benefited from it and her unwavering support. I repeat, Ilana is like a caring friend with coaching superpowers. You will be happy you have worked with her. I know my future self often thanks me for making that choice.
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Keren-Jo Thomas

Keren-Jo Thomas

Ilana is amazing. I took her course and I unlearned so many myths and understood the importance and learned the tools around knowing where my money goes and not wondering where it went! I also learned where and why I had a mindset and behaviour around money, which helped me unlearn and understand things. Plus, it was with a great bunch of other women too, so when I had tough moments I felt super supported not only by Ilana but the group as well!

Lora Foster

Taking Ilana’s money coaching course was life-changing for me. I happened to start the course at a time when I had just lost my job (I didn’t expect to be in this predicament when I booked the course, and probably wouldn’t have done it, if I knew…), and what a great opportunity this was! I regained trust in myself and my relationship with money, and discovered my core wound that accompanied me in every aspect of my life, including in matters of money and career: abandonment! I was able to heal my inner child and embrace her power. I can proudly say that I will start a job with a significantly higher salary. Highly recommend her course!

Leah G

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Who is the Mindful Money Maestro?

Hi I’m Ilana Jankowitz. I’m a straight-talking Money Maestro who helps transform women from Money Martyrs into Money Magicians. They are empowered to create a harmonious, wealthy and more impactful legacy for themselves and future generations.

My mission is to help women from all walks of life, all over the world, to rewrite their money stories. Head over to my Impact page to see how I re-wrote mine.

As I help women, I myself am always looking to work with other women who share this vision. If you’re looking for guest speakers for your events, workshops, and podcast interviews, I’d love to inspire your audience. Click here for details and to complete the contact form.

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Ilana's thorough, thoughtful and holistic approach to discovering your personal finance mindset was an eye opening journey, opening up areas that I never related to money but were instrumental in changing my mindset and helping me onwards to a stronger more resilient me in all areas of life, not only financial. It's a journey Of inner discovery, a vital step in changing your attitude to personal finance and independance and I recommend every person to go through the workshop, either as a group or privately and discover the deep inner layers that we carry inside and can keep from our own potential. Ilana also has a fantastic network of contacts and through regular meetups, these bonds are forged and offer opportunities for further growth, whether professional or personal.

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