Ilana Jankowitz

Certified money coach (CMC)

1. From Ilana’s Desk

When we were setting your goals, I asked you to spend time reflecting on the past year and what you had learned. I can’t stress how important this process is – not just once a year as you set your goals – but regularly as you take action. That is what this workbook is designed to do – to step you through a monthly review. From this you can reflect on what you have learned and plan for the month ahead.
It doesn’t matter what your goals are – be they for a business, a career or a personal life – and they don’t need to be just about money. Whatever your goals, making this regular check-in will really help you move forwards. Let’s take a look at the last month

2. Download the Workbook

The “My monthly plan” workbook is available to:

1. From Ilana’s Desk

We all have dreams of how we’d like our life to be. The truth is, though, unless you make those dreams tangible and take action on them – that’s all they’ll ever be: dreams.

That’s where this goal-setting masterclass comes in. It will help you really see how those dreams can become real and what you need to do to get there. Setting goals is a process of looking at the past and what you have learned and then taking that and turning it into plans for the future. Give yourself time to work on this and you’ll really see the results.

Let’s go!

2. Download the Workbook

The “How to get what I really need” workbook is available to:

3. Completing the Workbook

From Ilana’s Desk

This is where dreams become realities as we start by reflecting on where you´ve come from, what’s changed, what’s worked well and where you need to put in more effort. Then we’ll get crystal clear on what you want for yourself and your business and make a plan of how you´re going to achieve this.

In this module there are two exercises.  The first will help you get what you really need, using my goal setting master class. The second is designed to help you prioritize your tasks and create a monthly plan of what needs to be done,  by when. 

Get used to a structured approach to planning and managing your tasks and you´ll notice a dramatic improvement in just how much you´re able to accomplish.

Productively yours, Ilana