I´m more than enough!

1. From Ilana’s Desk

Have you ever noticed how people frame everything with negativity and downplay the positive? How are you? Not bad. Mustn’t grumble…..How was the holiday? It was all right. Now I’m back I hardly know I had been away…. What we say to ourselves can be just as negative. I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I will fail, I am not pretty enough, I am not thin enough…

All this negativity creates an emptiness inside and we have been taught to fill it up with outside things. I’m sure you remember, when you were little and fell and hurt your knee, your mum or teacher would give you a sweet or a toy to play with to make you feel better.

Now that is where we look for any kind of doubt or hurt. We seek to fill the gap with food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, hoarding or other addictions. Or we seek praise and affirmation from other people – only they are too busy dealing with their own doubts to be able to fix yours. You can’t fix emotional pain with STUFF and it can’t be fixed by OTHER PEOPLE. The only emotional connection you need is from yourself that you deserve to be happy and that you are enough.

Words shape our reality. If you choose different words you get a different reality. The most important three words are I am enough. We are all born knowing we are enough. You need to be aware how you talk to yourself. Your mind will believe whatever you tell it. This workbook will guide you to do just that. Yours abundantly,

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3. Completing the Workbook

My very own riches

1. From Ilana’s Desk

When we look at what is good in life, we often look outside ourselves. We think about things we have acquired or people who approve of us. We often forget to look in the most obvious place – ourselves. Because you are amazing. You are unique and special and extraordinary.

Yet, like so many of the women I work with, you may have allowed yourself to believe that you are not good enough. Now is the time to realise that you are wealthy within yourself and have an abundance of riches just being you. Admiringly yours,

2. Download the Workbook

The “My very own riches” workbook is available to:

3. Completing the Workbook

Module 4 Overview

From Ilana’s Desk

With the keys of forgiveness in your hands, you´re ready to unlock your very own treasure chest and explore the riches you´ve been blessed with. 

Since your childhood, you’ve accomplished so much. Think of all the things you´ve learnt along the way; what you’ve studied or different skills you´ve gained.These characteristics and traits are what make you unique. They don´t belong to Facebook or anyone else but YOU.

So often, we forget about talents and skills we have acquired that we can use in our business or life. Maybe that art class you took will help you design your new logo or entertain the kids on a rainy afternoon. Perhaps being good at maths can be put to good use with your book-keeping and budgeting. Maybe all those challenges in your past have given you a strength and resilience that will keep you working on reaching your dreams. 

Often in life, we do a full circle and come back to something that we studied years ago or a skill we learnt in order to help us on the journey ahead. 

The first exercise will ask: What are you proud of and why? And help you explore your very own riches. 

The second is to address the stories we tell ourselves based on what we have learnt. So often, we feel that we are not enough because of messages we heard from others or from TV or social media. Let’s prove that this isn’t true. 

Abundantly together, Ilana