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Find confidence and break free of debt to step into a world of abundance

  • Do you feel powerless when it comes to spending – going out for milk and coming back with a new dress? 
  • Or do you feel unworthy of money – struggling to charge a fair price in your business and believing you are never going to find the success you crave
  • Or perhaps there never seems to be enough money to go around and you believe it is impossible to get out of debt

Is Your Money Mindset holding you back?

Take the Mindset Money Quiz to find out!

If you’ve ever felt as if your money decisions are being driven from a whole other ‘you’ then you’re right. When it comes to our relationship with money there are eight different personalities – I call them archetypes – who play a part in the choices we make. None of them are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and we all have some of each archetype in our mindset makeup. 

How they interact, however, can shape how they rule your life. Depending on which are dominant you might:

  • Spend all your money as soon as you have it and run out of money every month
  • Pile on credit card debt you are too afraid to admit to
  • Feel angry and frustrated that you never seem to get ‘the breaks’ 
  • Seem to be the ‘bank of mum’ to everyone else in the family so there is never anything left for you
  • Work like crazy on your business but barely make ends meet
  • Believe that money is evil or a weapon to control others

Do any of these sound familiar? 

If so, these are the different archetypes showing up in how you live, what you believe and shaping your money mindset.

Not sure…

Is there a charge for the Mindset Money Quiz?

No. The quiz is completely free and you can do it as often as you like.

What is the science behind the Money Archetypes?

It was Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, who first used the concept of archetypes to show how our subconscious beliefs affect our behaviors. My Mindful Money quiz draws on his research and, by asking you to show how you associate with different characteristics, shows which of the eight archetypes are most dominant. 

If I take the quiz do I then get talked into buying something? 

No. I hate it when that happens – constant pushing and hard-sell tactics. 

Once you have taken the quiz you can choose to say ‘thanks’ and do your own thing, or to just keep in touch via my newsletter. If, however, you want to explore things further, I can show you how. 

Does your approach get results? 

Absolutely it does. I’ve put a few testimonials in the section below, so you can see how Mindful Money coaching has transformed the lives of some of the many women I’ve worked with. 

Is this just for individuals? 

No. My Mindset Money Quiz is for anyone but the coaching program is tailored for solopreneurs.

If you haven’t already, take the Mindful Money Quiz now


Here’s how the Mindful Money Course has helped people just like you…

YouTube video
YouTube video

Your Money Quiz Results!

Remember, you can do the Mindset Money Quiz as often as you wish – in fact, I ask my clients to take it at the end of my program, just to see how the balance of their archetypes has changed. 

As you learn and grow, the archetypes which shape your decisions will change. 

And you can change – even though you may not have made good decisions in the past, or felt out of control of your money, who you have been in the past is not a reflection of who you can become.

Are you ready
to take the next step? 

Acknowledging that your mindset determines your behavior is the first step to transforming your outcomes. Click the link below to learn more about my Mindful Money Course which will help you identify the root causes of your money setbacks and show you how to create an abundant life.

No Thanks. I’ve got this covered.

Not ready yet but want to learn more? That’s absolutely fine! There’s no hard-sell here.  You can subscribe to my Newsletter which contains advice, tools and client stories to inspire you and help you make change in your life. Then, when the time is right, you can take the next step.

I’d like to Sign up to your Newsletter

Or maybe this really isn’t for you – the results of the quiz are helpful and you are happy to follow your own path. Well done and keep going with your own journey to abundance. You can come back here any time if you change your mind.

Yes please, I’d like to learn more. Keep reading

I like what I see and I’d like to learn more about your Money Coaching Course.

I’m ready to change my
‘Money Story’?

Join the many people I’ve helped create abundance, take control of their spending and enjoy a life of direction and clarity. 

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Here’s my Money Story

Through my Mindful Money Coaching I have helped people…

  • Overcome fear
  • Start and grow successful businesses
  • Say goodbye to debt for good
  • Do things they never believed possible

Here’s how…

My program is designed to transform you into a strong, positive and empowered person who is in control of their money story and lives a life of purpose and fulfillment. 

The course comprises 9 modules, during which you’ll discover the real you and unlock your true destiny. 

As standard, you’ll get…

  • Lifetime access to the online content to help you understand your own money story and create a new one
  • Training videos, exercises, assessments and tools to help you build skills and make good choices every day
  • Access to my online coaching community so you can connect with others on the journey and learn from one another
  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions directly with me, to go deeper and really understand yourself*

What’s all in the
Mindful Money Course?

  • Welcome: To start off, you’ll get access to some really cool productivity tools as well as the core Mindful Money Course materials.
  • Module 1: In the beginning – Embark on a journey of self-discovery, starting with where you are now and then exploring where you would like to be.
  • Module 2: My Inheritance – You’ll discover which money myths you’ve inherited and how these have shaped your money mindset and how you see money
  • Module 3: Forgiveness is the Key – I’ll show you how forgiveness is that key and how to use it to bring abundance into your life.
  • Module 4: My very Own Treasure Chest – With the keys of forgiveness in your hands, you´re ready to explore the riches you´ve been blessed with: the skills and talents that make you amazing
  • Module 5: What if? – Imagine how different things would be if you had all the money you needed and more. What would you do?
  • Module 6: Discovering my True Purpose – Discovering  your true identity and who you really are is the ultimate purpose of any journey of self discovery. Here is where Eastern philosophy and Western culture overlap.
  • Module 7: Show me the Money – You’re ready to change your relationship with money in your life so we look for all the ways and places you can create wealth
  • Module 8: Getting the job done – This is where dreams become realities as we get crystal clear on what you want for yourself and make a plan of how you’re going to achieve this.
  • Module 9: Watch out for Pirates (Imposters) – There are pirates hiding in your thoughts, ever looking for an opportunity to steal your money. Don’t let them!
  • Wrap-up: Patience, practice & perseverance – Conscious practice The course is over but your money story has just begun. Where now?

26 Workbooks and Tools

A path for Everyone

I’d like everyone to be able to make the Mindful Money Course their own and to be able to choose exactly how closely they want to work with me. That’s why I’m offering three options, designed to suit your preference and budget. 

  • Lifetime access to the online content. e.g. training videos, workbooks and tools.
  • Review and personal feedback on each Workbook.
  • Access to my online coaching community.
  • Membership to the Money Magicians Group.
  • Everything in the Guided package, plus…
  • 1 x 60 minute coaching session to understand your money story in depth.
  • 1 x 60 minute coaching session to use as desired.
  • 3 x 20 minute coaching sessions during the course, to help you on your journey.
  • Everything in the Mentored package, plus…
  • 9 x 60 minute coaching sessions, one for each module.
  • Personalized guidance and exercises.
  • Intimate understanding of your personal situation and development.
Enroll GuidedEnroll MentoredEnroll VIP


To make my Mindful Money Course even more accessible you can get:

  • 20 minute top-up coaching sessions for just $80, for everyone on the Self-Study or Guided tracks
  • Affordable payment plan which can be split over three months
  • 100% Money-back guarantee within 14 days, if you’re not completely satisfied after the first 3 modules.

Are you ready to
transform your life?

YouTube video
YouTube video

Limited space

In order to ensure I have sufficient capacity to dedicate enough time to everyone doing my course, I only allow 20 sign-ups per month. 

Once this limit has been reached, you’ll be added to the waiting list for the next available start date.

Still have some questions?

Is this course right for me?

  1. Who is the course for?

Women who want to turn a hobby into a business and start making money. Entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their business and need clarity and focus particularly around being profitable and charging a fair price for what you do.

  1. Is this course only for women

Yes. While the principles apply to both men and women, as a woman entrepreneur myself, my focus is on women in business because that’s what I excel at.

  1. Is this course only for women in business?

No. The course is first and foremost about understanding your mindset. I then give you the tools and guidance on how to transform your mindset into one that serves and supports you. For entrepreneurs, I then show you how you can use this mindset in business to transform and grow your business.

About the course

  1. How long does the course take? 

The course spans 9 weeks and comprises 9 modules, ideally one module per week. However, this is not fixed and if you wish to proceed faster or slower that’s up to you. 

  1. How much time do I need to spend per week on the course?

At least two to three hours per week. However, the more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. This course is a life changing transformation journey and you should only start it, if that’s what you want. 

  1. What do I do if I’m stuck and don’t know how to proceed? 

Ask for help! There are several options: message me, ask a question in the Facebook Accountability Group or schedule a personal call with me.

  1. Do I have to complete all Modules?

Yes. This course is designed to transform your Money Mindset and for best results you need to complete all the modules. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur and don’t have a business, I would still encourage you to complete the business module ‘Show me the money’. It may just give you the inspiration you need to transform a hobby into a business.

  1. What happens once I’ve finished the course

After completing the course, it’s important that you follow through on what you’ve learnt. Stay active in the Facebook Accountability Group, collaborate with your peers and if you need a one-on-one session with me, book a timeslot in my calendar.

  1. Can I postpone the start of the course?

Yes. Life always has a way of surprising us, so I believe in being flexible but don’t use this as an excuse to procrastinate. I’ve designed the course in such a way that you can do it at your own pace, but you really get the best results if you stick to the time-line and complete it within 10 weeks. 

  1. Do I have to do my Bio?

Yes. You can not proceed to the 2nd module unless you’ve submitted your Bio, I’ve reviewed it and we’ve had our feedback session.

  1. Can I do the course again?

Yes. Although this should never be necessary. Because once you have changed your mindset, it’s changed. You’ll no longer be stuck in the past with unhealthy beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours. Instead you’ll be free to move forward with positive life sustaining beliefs and success inducing behaviours.

  1. How many times should I take the Mindset Money Quiz?

At least twice. Once before you start the course and again at the end of the course. You can then compare your results and use this comparison as hard evidence of your transformation. But you can also do it at any other time, should you wish.

  1. What if I can’t keep up every week?

No problem. This is not a bootcamp, if you need a break, take one. You can pick-up where you left off when you’re ready.

  1. Can I pause the course?

Yes. At any stage during the course you can pause it and pick it up again later. Please note that this is not ideal and in order to get the best results you should stick to the schedule. 

  1. How do I access the Workbooks?

Once you’ve registered for the course, you’ll receive an email with all the information you need to access the workbooks and resources necessary to complete the course. As you progress with the course and do the assignments you’ll unlock all the resources you need to move forward.

  1. Can anyone join the Facebook Accountability Group?

No. This is a private closed group, only for those who are doing the course or who have already completed it.

One-on-one Coaching

  1. How do I schedule a one-on-one coaching call?

Simply click on my Calendly link, select the type of call and duration you would like to have and then pick a convenient time slot.

  1. How many one-on-one coaching sessions are included in the program?

This Mindful Money Coaching program includes: 

1 x getting to know each other session of 30min 


3 x 30min coaching sessions 


1 x 60 min Coaching session.

  1. Do I have to pay for an extra one-on-one coaching call?

Yes. Included in the Mindful Money Coaching program is one getting to know you session plus 4 coaching sessions. If you’ve already used all these coaching sessions then you would need to pay for any additional session.

  1. What if I need more one-on-one coaching?

I want you to experience the transformation you desire. I’m convinced that if you follow the program and do the exercises, you’ll have the transformation you desire. Included in the course are 4 coaching sessions which should be enough, but if you need more, you can always add additional coaching sessions on a pay-as-you use basis.

  1. What support do you provide to entrepreneurs?

Apart from my coaching, I’m perhaps best known for my ability to network and collaborate. Once you register for the course and join the community, you’ll experience the power of this first-hand. After all, business is essentially about meeting the needs of others.

  1. How do I access the Zoom meetings?

Prior to the meeting you will receive an invitation with a custom link. Simply click on the link and you will be joined to the Zoom call.

After completing the course

  1. Do I have to give a testimonial?

No. But if you would like to, it would be most appreciated. Testimonials form an integral part of my marketing because they offer a unique and deeply personal reflection on how this course helps transform lives.

  1. Do you have a referral program?

Yes. Anyone can refer a friend, and all referrals are most appreciated and indeed encouraged. However, the official referral program is reserved for those who actively market and promote this course and where this activity forms an integral part of their business. 

  1. What is Connect, Collaborate and Create?

There’s a lovely Irish expression “It’s better felt than telt”. As a past client you’ll experience this first hand, but in essence it’s about me connecting people in meaningful ways that foster collaboration and the creation of new outcomes that result in win-win outcomes for all concerned.

  1. Do you offer on-going support?

Yes. You’ll have on-going access to the Facebook Accountability Group and course materials? If you’d like to schedule a call with me, my calendar is available on-line.

  1. Can I collaborate with other participants?

Yes. This is something that I’m always working on and encouraging. Once a month, I have a feature in my Newsletter about what’s happening with one of my clients, and actively encourage others to collaborate with them.


  1. Can I pay in installments?

Yes. However, please note that this option is a little more expensive as it results in a lot more administration. By paying upfront, you save 15%.

  1. Is VAT Included

No. VAT is added depending on where you’re located. The VAT rate in Switzerland is 7.7% and depending on if there is a Tax treaty between your country of residence and Switzerland, will depend if VAT is charged or not.

  1. What if I’m not satisfied with the course – can I get a refund?

Yes within 14 days.

If within 14 days you have completed up to Module 3 and are not satisfied with the direction the course is going, you may cancel for a full refund.

Some of my Clients…