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Develop a healthy relationship
with money and enjoy the
success you deserve.

VIP Signature Course



Signature Course

CHF 5,250

Customized for you

Ideally suited to individuals and solopreneurs who want to bring about deep seated change in their lives and/or business. Although you’ll cover the same content as in the Mentored and Guided Groups, with this program you’ll have the flexibility to skim over or deep dive specific topics, depending on where the need is. All our sessions are 1-2-1 with your transformation and success as the goal. In my VIP signature course you’ll get:

Lifetime access to the online content of training, workbooks and tools.

Access to my online coaching community.

Membership to the Money Magicians Group.

Nine 1-2-1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes plus one 90 minute session to understand your money story in depth.

Personalized guidance and tailored exercises

Direct contact with me via Whatsapp, so I can help you at other times on your journey.

I only accept a few, truly committed people onto my VIP signature programme at a time, so you can be sure I’ll always have sufficient capacity to help you realize the transformation you’re looking for.

You’ll get feedback on every one of the course assignments as we work together on them during our calls so you can be sure you’ll get the life changing transformation needed to help you re-write your Money Story for success.

Lovingly yours, Ilana





In this nine-module transformation…