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Develop a healthy relationship
with money and enjoy the
success you deserve.





CHF 1,750

Supporting you with self-study

If you believe self-motivation is the key to success, this course is ideally structured for you. But you’re not alone, you’ll also get personal guidance and support to help you get started and keep the momentum up. Using my carefully crafted online course along with regular 1-2-1 sessions with me, you can work at the pace that is right for you. In my mentored course you get:

Lifetime access to the online content of training, workbooks and tools

Access to my online coaching community.

Membership to the Money Magicians Group.

One 1-2-1 coaching sessions of between 20 and 60 minutes to understand your money story in depth.

Direct contact via Whatsapp, so I can help you at other times on your journey.

You’ll get feedback on every one of the course assignments so you can be sure you’ll get the life changing transformation needed to help you rewrite your Money Story for success.Together we’ll work to find the strong, positive and empowered person you truly are.

Lovingly yours, Ilana





In this nine-module transformation…